Properties north and south in new contract won by Principle

A new contract from a large corporate freeholder will see Principle Estate Management looking after a portfolio of properties stretching from Yorkshire to Hampshire.

Freehold Managers plc,  has appointed Principle to manage over 200 units on six sites in Leeds, Fareham, Mitcham and Southampton. Freehold Managers collects the ground rent and asset manages over 65,000 units across the Country.

The properties cover a range of different types, from apartments in a desirable Grade II-listed converted country house in Leeds, to flats in a mixed-use building that needed major works in Mitcham, in the London Borough of Merton.

The two properties in Southampton range from a small set of apartments to a six-storey development of more than 100 units, with another property of apartments in nearby Fareham.

Brett Williams, managing director of Principle, has previously acted for Freehold Managers in a former role since the mid-2000s.

He said: “It is gratifying to have yet another national freeholder appoint us to look after part of their portfolio.

Some of these properties need some extra advice and we are able to provide that as our directors are Chartered Surveyors and experienced property professionals and are actively involved in the management of our properties.

“We have a good panel of independent contractors across the country who are able to service reactive and planned maintenance requirements.

“We know that residents like to see this independence from a transparency point of view, and I know our team will do a good job for client and customer alike.”

Georgia O’Connor, Associate Director at Freehold Managers, said: “Like many other of the larger freeholders we continue to monitor the services provided by our managing agents to ensure our appointments complement the needs of our properties and the residents alike.  Balancing the formalities with good customer engagement is key and we are confident Principle can meet the demand.”