Principle appoints new property inspector as South East expansion continues

A new property inspector has been appointed at Principle Estate Management to support the company’s continued growth in the South East.

The Birmingham-based business has recruited Carrie-Anne Bowden-Baker to become the third member of its property inspection team, taking the firm’s total staffing up to 25.

Ms Bowden-Baker, who has spent seven years in the property sector, lives in Carshalton, Surrey, within 90 minutes of all Principle’s southern properties.

She carried out property inspections in her role at Mainstay Residential Ltd in London using the Qube site inspection app, which is the main tool used at Principle to ensure regular, thorough and consistent inspections of all properties.

Matt Hill, senior property inspector at Principle, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Carrie-Anne to the team, and are pleased that she brings detailed experience of working in the South East with her.

“It’s important to ensure that all of Principle’s sites are visited in accordance with the contract as a minimum, with additional inspections as required.

“Our solution of having a dedicated team of property inspectors to do this is working well and Carrie-Anne is the perfect fit to join myself and Benedict Williams in this role.”

Ms Bowden-Baker, who will also meet contractors and residents on site when needed to review standards or discuss repairs, said: “I’m thrilled to be joining Principle, which has a growing reputation in the South East.

“I’m pleased to see how seriously the company takes its inspections which is crucial to identify urgent maintenance needs, to check the quality of any recent repairs and to assess building conditions for long-term maintenance planning.

“I’s also important to monitor standards of services such as cleaning and grounds maintenance, and to check compliance issues for health and safety, and fire regulations.

“I love my job and feel that I’m going to really enjoy working with the professional team at Principle.”