Leasehold consumer guides published

A series of 12 guides, together with a glossary, has been jointly published by nine cross-sector bodies to help give consumers more information about the leasehold.

Each of them is available on a separate link below:

  1. Your Guide to Leasehold
  2. What is a Lease?
  3. Who is who in a block of Leasehold Flats?
  4. Who has responsibility for what?
  5. Carrying out alterations or improvements
  6. What costs will I have to pay each year?
  7. Service charges and ground rent
  8. Reserve and sinking funds
  9. Section 20 – major works & long term agreements
  10. Shared ownership
  11. Common misconceptions about Leasehold
  12. Your Leasehold Home Making a complaint
  13. Glossary of terms